Mobile Feedback Station /
Offline Survey App

Dashboard and mobile app for iOS (9.0 and higher) and Android (5.0 and higher)

Collect important feedback, research your audience and measure NPS®

7 days Easy to setup
It’s easy to get started
  • 1. Create survey.
  • 2. Install our application on your tablet.
  • 3. Place the tablet somewhere accessible inside your shop, for example at the entrance or counter.


Ask any questions
Use our handy survey builder to compose your questionnaire. Nine types of questions are at your disposal.
Add logic
Display questions based on previous answers.
Manage companies
Add users and grant them varying access rights
Collect data
Generate reports based on dates, devices and surveys — equally convenient for on-site quality control specialists and upper management.
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Ask your customers after service and make decisions based on answers.


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