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Works where your customers are. You can collect reviews anywhere: at airports, restaurants, shops, hospitals, hotels and many other places.
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What does the "smiley face survey" mean? 

Smiley face surveys, or emoji surveys, use pictures of smiley faces to get feedback and see how happy or satisfied customers are. People see a bunch of smiley faces, each showing a different level of happiness, from really unhappy to super happy.

People taking these surveys just pick the smiley face that shows how they feel about their experience. It's a quick and easy way to get feedback without needing long written answers. And if they want, people can also add a few words to explain their feedback better. This way of doing surveys is easy, fun, and works well for all kinds of people.

Why use smiley face surveys? 

Using smiley face surveys has several advantages. First off, they provide a quick way to collect feedback. Instead of dealing with long written answers or numbers, respondents can simply choose a smiley face that reflects how they feel. This makes the process easier and more efficient. Additionally, smiley faces are easy to understand, especially when paired with short questions. These little images convey all the information respondents need to answer accurately without requiring much thought or reading.

Moreover, people love using emojis, and they're everywhere on the internet. With over 5 billion emojis sent daily on Facebook Messenger alone, it's clear that they are widely embraced. The universal appeal of emojis makes smiley face surveys accessible to everyone, as these symbols communicate universally understood meanings.

The simplicity of smiley face surveys also contributes to a higher response rate. Because they are easy to answer, more people are willing to participate, leading to a more comprehensive collection of feedback. Ultimately, employing a smiley face rating scale can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. By gathering more accurate feedback, organizations can enhance the customer experience and demonstrate a genuine concern for their customers' opinions and time.

What is offline survey? 

Offline are usually conducted in a physical place like a store, restaurant, office, event venue, or any other location, without needing an active internet connection.

The method of using an offline survey app to gather feedback is widely applied in market research, field research, employee feedback, guest feedback, and collecting customer opinions on the move or in far-off places. You can install it on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, or survey kiosks. The cool thing is, it syncs feedback automatically and lets you keep an eye on data in real time.

What are mobile forms? 

Mobile forms are apps specifically created for smartphones and tablets, enabling the creation and submission of forms containing various types of data. Typically, these applications assist businesses in making their data collection process more efficient.

By using mobile forms, companies can complete and submit traditional paper forms such as reports, audits, or inspections using mobile devices.

What is tablet survey app? 

A tablet survey app is a software application designed for use on tablet devices. It allows individuals to conduct surveys, collect feedback, or gather information using the touchscreen interface of a tablet. These apps are versatile and can be utilized in various settings such as businesses, events, or research activities.

With a tablet survey app, users can create digital surveys, administer them to participants, and collect responses directly on the tablet. The app often provides features for designing surveys, managing survey data, and analyzing results. Tablet survey apps are popular for their portability, ease of use, and the ability to streamline the survey process, making them a practical tool for businesses, researchers, and organizations looking to gather information in a digital format.


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Display questions based on previous answers.
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Add users and grant them varying access rights
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Ask your customers after service and make decisions based on answers

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