Frequently asked Questions

Why do companies use offline survey software to improve their customer service?

  • Creating and conducting a survey on a tablet is easy.
  • Reviews left via the offline survey app immediately come to a manager.
  • Surveys can be changed instantly on all devices.
  • No one sees your customers' information and data except you.
  • It’s easy to measure and control Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

On which devices can I install the survey kiosk app and collect feedback?

We support iOS (minimum version 10.0) and Android (minimum version 6.0).
Follow this link to download the Android survey app: inBook on the AppStore
Follow this link to download the iPad survey app: inBook on Google Play

Does the tablet survey app work with the internet off?

Yes. In case your tablet goes offline it starts collecting all responses on the tablet’s memory. When the tablet goes back online it sends all responses saved locally to the server.

How often will customers leave feedback?

It depends on the type of your business and how actively you collect feedback. Usually, the percentage of customers who leave feedback can vary from 5% to 25%. For example, a smiley face survey brings more attention than a simple text survey. You can try different types of surveys and places where you install a tablet to achieve better results.

How does customer satisfaction survey software help my business?

Feedback is more than free consulting for your company. Feedback is primarily a nutrient medium, a fertile ground for the growth of your company. Feedback is an indicator of the success and professional solvency of your business.