How the PizzaFabrika restaurant chain doubled their profits and improved service with restaurant survey platform

How the PizzaFabrika restaurant chain doubled their profits and improved its service with restaurant survey platform

Hello everyone, my name is Konstantin, I am the founder of inBook – offline survey app. I want to share with you the case of our client.

My name is Ivan Krevsun, I am the head of the marketing team of chain of three PizzaFabrika restaurants. I would like to tell you about how the inBook restaurant survey platform helped us improve service and feedback from customers in restaurants.

I'll start from afar: I have been familiar with inbook restaurant survey platform for a long time. I had used it in other projects. When I started working at PizzaFabrika restaurants, we ran into a feedback problem. That is, the internal feedback system goes overwhelmingly to orders with delivery, and the feedback from restaurants accounted for less than 1% of all reviews. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that a new restaurant had recently opened and negative reviews from guests went to geo-services, which spoiled the overall picture of the largest and coolest restaurant in the entire chain (have you ever seen trampolines in a children's room of 170 square meters , in the cafe?)

The decision to use a tablet for collecting feedback followed instantly and immediately to all restaurants of the chain.

The main goals that were set:

  • Start getting reviews from restaurants, not delivery
  • Improve service in restaurants based on customers feedback, and not on the words of the staff
  • Add an extra touch with customers and return them to our restaurant again
  • Control the authorization of customers through their bonus system and thus increase the return of the customer for the delivery
  • Make all staff learn and know internal promotions, activities, and standards and monitor their knowledge using guest reviews
  • Save on mystery clients and calls

Our results:

1. We received 2143 reviews in 2 months, setting a minimum of 12 reviews per day for each restaurant.

It helped us significantly expand the number of reviews about the service in the restaurant. The completion of the plan was mandatory and non-compliance with the plan was punishable by personal discussions with employees, and sometimes fines.

2. Here is what has been done for the service. The main thing — waiters remembered all our promotions in the restaurant, the bonus system, and how it works. There is simply no way left to not tell about the promotion or bonuses when a guest takes the survey. For example, here are the statistics:

First month of work. Bonuses not offered 21% of the time
Statistics on waiters for May, before inbook restaurant survey platform
Statistics on waiters, the first month of work with inbook restaurant survey platform
Statistics on waiters after 2 months of work with inbook restaurant survey platform

Important marketing indicators for order authorization = adding a phone number to an order placed in a cafe - directly affecting the retarget base - directly related to the revenue of the restaurant.

If we return to the task “Improve service in restaurants based on customer feedback, and not from the words of the staff”, then here we can say the following: the human factor in public catering has not been canceled, which means that there will always be people who will see what waiter or cleaner can't. We regularly receive through surveys that it is stuffy in the children's room, that the coffee is too sweet, and that a waiter told about promotions in the restaurant only after the client has paid. And it helps us to become better at customer service.

3. Add an extra touch with customers and bring them back to our restaurant again. In addition to collecting the retarget base, in my surveys I regularly post the nearest event in our restaurant poster. For example, 2-4 days before the corporate master class, an entry for the master class is added to the survey.

Registration for the master class. Conversion 7% (don't pay attention to the text, the date is simply adjusted from the need)

This question helps us bring the customer back to the restaurant. The client will come with children, which means he will bring us additional revenue on a weekday. These surveys helped especially well at the second restaurant, where we increased the number of repeat customers (those customers who made 2 or more orders per month).

Statistics of the second restaurant, before inbook. May 2022
Statistics of the second restaurant, after 2 months of using inbook. July 2022

Here there is a combination between goal 1 and goal 3. That is, without authorization of orders, we will not know whether the client made the order again, whether he returned to us or not. Both indicators in the statistics of regular customers directly depend on the work of the staff in the restaurant. The feedback tablet helped us significantly increase these indicators in 2 months of work.

4. The last point, which, in my opinion, is just “icing on the cake” is how the attraction of new customers has increased due to the fact that the restaurant staff began to work with guest authorization. Our first and second restaurants stand out especially brightly here.

Statistics on new customers of PizzaFabrika restaurants (restaurant 1 and restaurant 2)

We started using feedback tablet with inbook in June

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