How to Shift Toward Customer Orientation

How to Shift Toward Customer Orientation

Few companies succeed at achieving their business objectives by pursuing a purely profit-centric approach. A dead focus on “the take” serves only to alienate the very people who instigate business growth and success—the customers. With this comes a need for a shift toward customer orientation. But how do you shift toward customer orientation?

For inBook, a growing offline survey app company, customer orientation is synonymous with customer success. In its line of work, a successful customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer is a returning one. Here are some changes inBook can help you implement in your approach as you too shift toward customer orientation:

  • Identify a customer’s short-term and long-term wants and expectations
  • Ensure a personalized and quality customer experience
  • Establish an accessible and user-friendly feedback mechanism
  • Implement changes to your service per the feedback received
  • Build relationships with customers on the grounds of your attention to their needs
  • Eliminate factors causing dissatisfaction in “at risk” customers

The experience of inBook has shown that success in a competitive business environment is unlikely, at best, without a customer-centric approach to business. With the help of its mobile feedback station, you too can realize your business objectives by shifting toward customer orientation. Remember, a good customer experience builds customer loyalty and retention.

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