Top 10 Hospitality Staffing Agencies in the USA

Top 10 Hospitality Staffing Agencies in the USA

In the vibrant landscape of hospitality staffing, businesses often turn to specialized agencies to meet their talent acquisition needs. Let's delve into the unique offerings of the top 10 hospitality staffing agencies in the USA:

  1. Gecko Hospitality Renowned for its extensive network and tailored approach, Gecko Hospitality specializes in sourcing talent for various hospitality roles, ensuring a precise fit for each hiring requirement.
  2. Horizon Hospitality Associates Focused on executive positions, Horizon Hospitality Associates offers access to top-tier candidates for managerial roles in hotels and restaurants, catering to the need for skilled leadership within the industry.
  3. Goodwin Recruiting With a nationwide presence, Goodwin Recruiting provides staffing solutions across different regions of the USA, particularly emphasizing managerial and executive positions critical for driving organizational success.
  4. Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting Specializing in recruiting managers and executives for restaurants and hotels, Patrice & Associates leverages its industry expertise and extensive network to match clients with high-caliber candidates.
  5. Hospitality Staffing Solutions Offering comprehensive staffing solutions, Hospitality Staffing Solutions caters to both temporary and permanent staffing needs, providing flexible options to meet the demands of hospitality businesses.
  6. HSS Hospitality Solutions Renowned for its versatility, HSS Hospitality Solutions offers staffing solutions ranging from temporary event staffing to long-term workforce planning, addressing a wide spectrum of staffing requirements.
  7. LGC Hospitality Staffing Excelling in providing temporary staffing solutions, LGC Hospitality Staffing assists hotels and restaurants in managing peak periods of demand with ease, ensuring seamless operations during busy times.
  8. PeopleReady Hospitality Providing flexible staffing solutions, PeopleReady Hospitality enables businesses to scale their workforce according to fluctuating needs, offering agility and responsiveness in staffing arrangements.
  9. Hospitality Pro Search Specializing in executive search and recruitment, Hospitality Pro Search offers personalized service and strategic guidance to clients seeking senior-level talent, ensuring a tailored approach to executive staffing needs.
  10. McFarland Group Leveraging its extensive experience and industry expertise, McFarland Group assists hospitality businesses in finding tailored staffing solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges, offering customized support to drive success.


These top 10 hospitality staffing agencies in the USA offer specialized expertise, expansive networks, and strategic support to businesses in the industry, playing a pivotal role in attracting, retaining, and empowering top-tier talent for sustained success and growth.

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