Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between inBook and a paper form?
  • 1. Easy to create and conduct a survey on the tablet.
  • 2. Reviews left via inBook immediately come to the manager.
  • 3. Questions can be changed instantly on all devices.
  • 4. Modern and convenient approach to collect feedback.
  • 5. The ability to use as an advertising platform.
  • 6. No one sees the customer's information and data except you.
What devices can I use for survey kiosk?
Tablets or smartphones on operating systems iOS (above 9.0) and Android (above 5.0) inBook in the AppStore
inBook on Google Play
Does inBook work when there is no internet?
Yes. If at the time of leaving your customer's feedback the Internet is offline, then the feedback will remain on the tablet. The next time you connect to the Internet, all reviews saved locally will automatically be sent to your personal account.
Is the equipment included in the service cost?
Not included. The use of a mobile application for collecting feedback is paid.
How often will customers leave feedback?
It all depends on the type of your business. The percentage of customers who leave a review can vary from 10% to 80%.
How does inBook help my business?
«Feedback is more than free consulting for your company. Feedback is primarily a nutrient medium, a fertile ground for the growth of your company. Feedback is an indicator of the success, professional solvency of your business. A review is a gift. And it should be accepted with sincere gratitude.»